Henan fix the tube Gallery you use the pipe gallery


corridor plays an important role in the development of the city. After a lot of enterprises have repaired, other companies also follow up use. For this I repair the pipe gallery, you use the pipe gallery pricing issues are of concern, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

I fix the pipe gallery, you use the pipe gallery, how to price? In June 6th, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial housing department jointly issued "on the city underground pipe gallery to implement the system of paid use of the guidance", clearly pointed out that the pipe gallery use fees paid by the pipe gallery building operating unit and into the corridor pipeline units jointly negotiated, the implementation of market regulated prices.

urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery refers to the public pipe gallery which is used for laying electricity, communication, radio and television, water supply, drainage, heat, gas and other municipal pipelines. By 2020, the province’s efforts to start the construction of urban underground pipe gallery 1000 km or more, significantly improved the repeated excavation of the ground, the road zipper problem.

the "opinions" requirements, does not have the negotiation pricing conditions of city underground pipe gallery, the fees paid for the use of standard implementation of government pricing or government guidance, by the local people’s Government of the city, and included in the catalogs, clear the form of price control, pricing department. Included in the local pricing catalog, develop, adjust the standard of compensation for the use of urban underground pipe network standards should be performed in accordance with the law, and consciously accept social supervision.

it is understood that the Zhengzhou city is a comprehensive national pilot city underground pipe gallery, 8 underground pipe gallery project to start building this year, before the end of 2018 announced the underground pipe gallery market. Opinions requirements, prices at all levels, the housing sector should not only speed up the implementation of the urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery paid fee system, but also pay attention to effectively reduce the burden on enterprises unreasonable.

pipe gallery as a market, in the process of economic development, as a basis for the construction of facilities, its role can not be ignored! Henan Province in the face of my pipe repair, you use the pipe gallery, the effective use of the market price adjustment method to solve this problem.

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