Alternative franchise translation chain

is a bridge for language learners, which promotes the cultural communication between the two countries and promotes the understanding of foreign cultures. No one would think that translation can also have a chain of business, and the network is to promote the development of the chain of translation of the premise.

when the people of the world’s desire is no longer confined to the same language, will develop the information asymmetry caused by language barriers hindering social. The emergence of translation comes from communication. With the strengthening of global integration after China’s entry into WTO, the broad market that the translation industry is facing is not easy to measure. Therefore, it has become an indispensable industry in the process of globalization.

in translation market, its high threshold for the professional to join them so many entrepreneurs feel powerless and frustrated. Rather than the retail business is not easy to join the content. Translation cloud translation through the network technology means to translate this knowledge of entrepreneurial projects also developed into a chain brand. So, what is its investment prospects?

network makes the translation to achieve Chain

in the chain in the existing system, most of the retail industry, unified distribution to ensure consistent quality between headquarters and franchisee. But as a knowledge service based industry chain to achieve the translation, mainly due to the internet.

Shanghai translation translation cloud ( market manager Chen Yitao told reporters that a translation translation cloud translation project management network platform based on Internet, this is the first time in the country. "Stores, customers, interpreters and other documents can be on this platform and project quality control. With the Internet as the carrier, through the network organization to complete the translation business and process control, so that is not subject to geographical restrictions, can provide services to global customers."