How much do you need for Sam Burger

Hamburg in China’s development should be regarded as an influential brand to join the project, the Chinese market, there are many Hamburg brand investment projects, which is a very good investment brand. Sam from southern California authentic hamburger technology, after years of local practice, to create a line with the Chinese taste of hamburgers contain cuisine, delicious fried chicken fort, fragrant roast leg fort, nutritious and delicious crispy chicken fort aftertaste, eat a hundred tire. Sam will bring the authentic American hamburger to China, to share the delicious food in the sun, at the Sam burger.

how much does it cost to invest in Sam burger?

Sam is not only food, but also the integration of Chinese and American food culture. Health, happiness, sharing, is the pursuit of Sam, with his family to enjoy the food, and friends to spend time with their loved ones to share the good life. Here is the southern California sunshine food, as well as your leisure time. Sam, together with you to open the food sunshine tour. At present, the brand is a hot investment, then how much money Sam burger join it?

join fee:

store size: 200 square meters or more

franchise fee: 55 thousand and 800

store size: 100 to 200 square meters

franchise fee: 45 thousand and 800

store size: 40 to 100 square meters

franchise fee: 35 thousand and 800

store size: 40 square meters below the window shop

franchise fee: 10 thousand


above is the Sam burger brand introduction, if you are on the Sam burger franchise interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.