How much does it cost to open a soup shop

want to make money shop you, find their own entrepreneurial projects? How much does it cost to open a soup shop? Open a steaming soup hall, in addition to master the necessary steaming soup technology, but also need a certain amount of money. Take a store for 40 square meters of steaming soup hall, the initial investment is about $30 thousand, basically used in the following areas.

1. rent. Rent a storefront in an area of 40 square meters near the residential area or the school where rent is generally 800-1000 yuan, down payment for half a year, the cost of rent in 4800 yuan to 6000 yuan.

2. decoration. Decoration is not too luxurious, clean and simple. About 5000-8000 yuan paperback.

3. store facilities. Is the main coal stove, cooker, disinfection cabinets, tables and chairs, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, about 15 thousand yuan.

4. daily consumption. The consumption of coal is about 40 yuan per day, the input of raw material is more than that, and it needs about $500 per day; the monthly water and electricity cost is about 1500.

5. staff salaries. About two or three employees need to be calculated at $600 per person per month, the staff salary is about 1200-1800 yuan.

6. other charges. Mainly industrial and commercial management fees, health fees, taxes and fees, about 160 yuan per month.

select invest in you, through the introduction of the above, if you have more understanding? Open a soup shop is not afraid of competition, not afraid of pressure of good projects, look forward to your joining.

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