How to carry out anti drug Haicang District

drug is huge for human health in the society, for many people’s health caused great damage, leading to a lot of people had cleared, the destruction of the tragic situation. Xiamen, as a coastal city in China, has developed economy and developed traffic. In order to prevent the inflow of drugs, a series of measures have been adopted.

the day before yesterday afternoon, the west square city cultural arts center, the city’s 168 home entertainment representatives gathered here, the oath of "100 home entertainment Qi narcotics, Xiamen to create beautiful", a "drug free youth, healthy life" anti drug campaign staged this month.

this activity by the Xiamen City UNODC, Xiamen city cultural market comprehensive law enforcement detachment, Xiamen City Public Security Bureau police detachment and Xiamen city culture and entertainment industry association jointly organized the event, the Xiamen municipal public security detachment for the anti drug propaganda unit award.

binding around the case into harbor anti drug propaganda

in Xiamen marine police officers in the area to carry out thorough publicity.

marine police officers with fishermen around the typical case, publicity related clauses of "anti drug law" to explain the legal responsibility of fishermen to transport drugs to take education, fishermen a conscious judu.

anti drug slogan with "Knight" street

yesterday morning, Haicang District Public Security Bureau Narcotics Control Commission jointly held the "Haicang, refuse drugs health riding" campaign.

at 7 in the morning, the order, anti drug volunteers buckle down rushed forward. The temperature gradually increased, the volunteers under the scorching sun, starting from Haicang Lake aluohai, via Haicang Sports Center, South China day peak, Thai Hercynian, children’s Park, Haicang Haicang District government, around the lake a week, riding seven kilometers, will be on the slogan "flags to drugs, treasure" way transfer, work together for the drug to a force.

reported by the above we can see that the Haicang District in drug control, take a variety of measures. On one hand, around the case into the port on the other hand, anti drug propaganda; anti drug slogan, with the "Knight" street; these measures can harm a good promotion of drugs, so that people stay away from drugs, cherish life!

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