Chicken mother Yang Jie led people around to get rich

as a representative of female entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in rural areas, chicken mother Yang Jie also actively learn internet technology, will be moved to their own poultry farms on the electronic business platform, the business model is commendable.

2009, Yang Jie and her husband Li Qiang with a wage 50 thousand yuan to save down as start-up capital, began laying hens. At that time, the outbreak of bird flu, many farms are closed down, but Yang Jie think this is an opportunity, she decided to join the chicken industry.

in chicken in the process, Yang Jie and her husband Li Qiang a clear division of labor, the whole market is mainly responsible for the problem of epidemic prevention and laying hens breeding in Yang Jie. Just from the farm from the first day to start the vaccination of chicks, every time this time, Yang Jie will be at 36 degrees Celsius for a day and a night Zou chicken chicken chicks from chicken to prevention, laying the whole epidemic a total of 18 times, every day and night not do good epidemic prevention coop work, Yang Jie never cried bitter shouting too tired, but feel a sense of achievement. From Zou coop chicks to big cage, takes about two months time, the big cage after is fully mechanized, after things by her husband for Li Qiang.

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