Yuan Xu provides online games to accelerate the service to make a fortune

in the current such an information society, as long as we are good at digging, you will find that the business opportunities really exist in our lives around. Yuan Xu, a hardcore online gamers, found the opportunity to play with 100 thousand yuan to start a business, the Nuggets in the past three years. And he did this business is to provide online games to accelerate service.

The so-called

online accelerated service, a network service that meet the game player in online games, high delay login, easy dropping problem. Game players in the game to enter the first Yuan Xu’s website, the website of the network as a springboard to enter the game company’s network, and thus achieve the purpose of acceleration. Now, in addition to Yuan Xu and the country has set up a number of online games 1400 cooperation, but also with some countries in Europe and the United States to establish a network game cooperation.

Yuan Xu charge is the user can first free trial 10 days, if you are willing to use, can be registered members, monthly charges, domestic users of 20 yuan / month, international users of $40 / month. Yuan Xu is now relatively stable annual income reached 10 million yuan level. Although this figure is quite staggering, but if Yuan Xu had just invested 100 thousand yuan, I’m afraid that most people will envy!

Yuan Xu believes that in 2011 the online games market has entered a turning point, because the results from major network companies, including the performance figures of listed companies, the online games industry is facing a downturn. This also represents the emergence of utilitarian and excessive competition in the industry these two phenomena. But whether it is the utilitarian tendency or excessive competition, the major manufacturers will pursue the game from the previous quantization stage, to begin to pay attention to the quality of the game, the customer experience, this is the game fluency and reasonable design and reasonable environment, relatively have a higher demand, the market accelerated and the demand for online games is also more intense.

of course, such a business is not anyone can do, after all, this is subject to certain technical restrictions. So, he also believes that this business is more suitable to master the network technology people involved, because this is a business dinner by technology, if investors in technology is not proficient, it is impossible to accurately understand the needs of customers, not with the market, will be very difficult to make money.

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