Shake the car out of good business

in order to let the popularity of the shop more popular, and now many stores will have a lot of children’s toys toys. Since in front of the store put a few free shook his car, Yuanan County of Hubei Province East Xin supermarket popularity was going up.

"Mom, I want to play for a while," "Mom, I’d like a drink.""……

in Dongxin supermarket door, children play in awfully shook his car, his mom and dad who ran in and out, to the lovely kids to buy snacks. To a nearby small blue sky kindergarten at school, where they became the children have fun playing paradise. The adults holding a child, then another wave of people into the parents The stream never stops flowing., the supermarket buy daily necessities.

when they carry bags of goods out of the shop, but envy around the shops. Now, Dong Xin supermarket turnover but Zhimakaihua steadily high, the daily sales in more than 5000 yuan. Supermarket boss Liu every day though busy, the heart is smiling: "this is the original Qian Shu shook his car, shake my ah!"

where children like, adults may choose where to shop, so if a store to attract children, business will undoubtedly have a guarantee. For this reason, add a few car shaking, no doubt will allow business development by a higher degree of affirmation.