Open stores to choose the leader of the wedding

80 ushered in the peak of the wedding, the wedding is smiling, the money did not stop the rhythm. So many novice entrepreneurs have opened a wedding franchise, and strive to earn festive wealth, but many did not.

Zhao Ronghua in more than but also become dejected and despondent secretly glad, because the wedding shop is not open, at least not to be leader of "secure" lose the wife of another soldier.

to join the wedding service shop, the first problem that Zhao Ronghua encounters is joining fee is too high, some even ridiculously high.

and Zhao Yiyang, is going to open a certain brand of wedding stores in Shanghai Li Qiang, in the face of high initial fee charged by the headquarters very depressed: "even the stores are not just one-time franchise fee to the headquarters of 48000 yuan and 5000 yuan deposit, not equal to earn money, but let the headquarters early take profit." And the headquarters will not receive the money after the evaporation of the world, who can not be sure, because such things often happen.

in his privately asked, Li Qiang learned that the dragon lady in Changsha plans to join the brand, is the headquarters for a pay 380 thousand yuan fee to join, when she put forward to headquarters "380 thousand items, a series of questions about how much profit space, the total given" absolutely no problem "the tone of the answer:" this brand is a standardized business, the problems are in the process of joining the specification. Investment 380 thousand yuan, profit of $300 thousand is absolutely no problem, so do not worry!" Miss long, of course, worried, eventually rejected the other side of the good intentions".