What are the secrets of business prosperity

for any owner, will certainly hope that the business can flourish, but in the course of the actual operation of the store, often need to master some tips. In which to do business, why do some booming, and some are desolate? Here, the author invited several booming retail customers, ask them to tell you to do business is booming, thriving cheats, maybe you can find the answer from.

retail customers: Seal Yong

thrive Cheats: size

now take some shops blossom everywhere, the village for example, some more than one in every village, many villages have three or four or more, if not to scale up, more than others, certainly will be eliminated, so, I shop to five rooms now from two rooms on the original. This will attract many customers in the consumer to me. I think that doing business, we must put up the scale, if you do not pursue growth or not to challenge the higher goals, you can not taste the joy and sense of belonging to the merchant.

here I casually analogy: you go to buy food, if the local vegetables only a cabbage would you buy? Certainly not, why? Because he is not a scale, you do not want to scale. Of course, the light is not the size, but also to be enthusiastic, if we are enthusiastic, good attitude, then not only more and more customers, repeat customers will be more and more, so that the shops do not have the rationale for it?

retail customers: Wang Hong

thrive Cheats: characteristics of


now, we do business competition is particularly fierce, so, how to seize the customer sensitive nerve? I think that is because the characteristics, selling the same shops everywhere, hidebound or blindly imitate others, and in the end will fail. To enable customers to come, there must be some characteristics can not be. Shop features, such as the characteristics of each person. Shops do not feature, it becomes not worth tasting, it is difficult to have customers willing to patronize, it is difficult to attract customers.

so, only to show their own characteristics in order to create a thriving business "spark", but also increasing customer. Of course, the characteristics must also be kept clean, health. If you make a mess on the counter, things on the shelves are not neat, and even the goods are often covered with a layer of gray, you want to, ah, customers will be willing to buy it? On the contrary, if we talk about health, clean up the shop, clean up, give the customer a pleasing feeling, the customer is willing to come to the store to buy things.

retail customers: Wenhui

thrive Cheats: all goods