Taipei good coffee Bistro brand introduction

has not personally experienced the atmosphere of the European and American Bistro should also be seen in movies or TV, it is a great place to relax. Today, the Taipei Cafe gradually to the European and American Bistro mode, no longer simply sell coffee, but also sell the wine. There is no ordinary bar noisy and crowded, unique Cafe music, calm and calm, the release of pressure. To provide customers in a quiet atmosphere to drink a cup of good place, this is the coffee Bistro charm, hauntingly. Here we recommend a few good coffee shop in Taipei brand.

Ron coffee bar

old banyan

is located in Shilin MRT station near the old house, a quiet, old banyan was surrounded from the noise of the street, let you go to enjoy the city life in peace. A bar next to them by the old wooden window made of decorative features, metope is telling the story of the house once. A cool afternoon is the best place to sit in an open seat with friends and have a cup of iced coffee.

night is Rong can be converted into a bar, the weekend will not regularly invite DJ, here are handmade dessert lemon cheese cake, Apple Pie, this is the star a good heart, also can have a cup of gin to Earl Grey Tea and features bartend.

Beatnik Cafe Nick

is located in Beatnik Café near the MRT six plow station; interior design store in black and white tone, with warm yellow light, let a person want to quiet sitting here an entire afternoon. The special flavor of the meal is featured here, from the French top hand Basque crisp cake, in other places it is difficult to enjoy.

in Beatnik not only can drink coffee, it also provides four kinds of innovative flavored mow bag package, the refrigerating cabinet is also in possession of selected characteristics of beer, modified Western burger and beer was a.

Panos Cafe- Belgium Cafe

Panos Café is 24 hours; Belgium European coffee chain, it is suitable for the night and suddenly want to go out for a drink night owl. The bright design of the store makes it possible for people to sit for a whole afternoon without stress, and Belgium is the world’s largest producer of refined beer.

you can according to your favorite taste to pick a beer, enjoy a sunny afternoon, don’t miss the snacks, juicy spicy fried sausage Belgian Rice-meat dumplings Bacon is Belgian drinks preferred. Here is the most famous special taste handmade European bread, too late to eat it.