Three Character Classic Sun Shuai business success

why in countless people lamented the business is not good today, but still some people’s business is more successful? What is the secret? Here, let Xiaobian to reveal my master Gongsun Shuai’s success, to see how he is doing business bigger and bigger, made the current results.

Regal tobacco city is located in Shandong District of Ji’nan City Shun Shi Road, consumer groups are mainly around several large community residents. Boss sun Shuai is a 85 after graduating from college in 2007 and embarked on the road to start a shop.

started from a small shop within the District, now has 6 cigarette and liquor vendor, Sun Shuai business bigger and bigger, let colleagues admired. In the fierce market competition today, he is how to step by step to the wealth of the door?

recently, the reporter went to the scene and Emperor city, in-depth understanding of Sun Shuai’s management "three words".

to "full" to attract customers

is the main profit source of Dili cigarette tobacco city. And into the city, the first impression of the reporter is the category of goods, especially cigarette brand specifications, covering almost all categories of pins in the market. "So many specifications, you are not afraid of inventory backlog?" Reporter asked. Sun Shuai listened and said with a smile: "generally not. One of the secrets of my business is the size of the smoke must be full, which is a factor to attract tourists."

in Sun Shuai view, the consumer tastes vary, to meet the needs of different people, we must put the goods ready. If consumers, especially those who have a preference for the taste of consumers, the first time into the store will be able to buy Italian goods, after which he naturally prefer to shop.

I also consider the inventory problem. Prior to the weekly purchase, I will carefully study the sales records of each cigarette specifications, use data to determine the number and quantity of orders. In addition, 6 stores I respectively meet the needs of different consumer groups, so as to maximize the supply of marketable." Sun Shuai told reporters.

to "keep" customers

on the shelves near the store, stocked with honey, milk and tea and other commodities. Sun Shuai told reporters that he often met the guests into the store to buy tobacco about other goods, so he selected some suitable for use "and give gifts". This will not only facilitate more customers, but also to bring more popularity.

shelves for the pattern and display of goods, Sun Shuai also attached great importance to. He put the shelves are divided into three rows, respectively, tobacco, wine, tea and other commodities, and then according to the purchase rate of goods, the fast selling goods placed in a more prominent position, and in the side interspersed with some just listed new