Jiangsu Wuxi opening 3D Printing Center for innovation in Yangtze River Delta

to promote social development cannot do without the use of innovative technology, upgrade China continue to encourage the development of technology innovation, the training of professional and technical personnel to "China manufacturing" as soon as possible upgrade to "Chinese creation", occupy a space for one person in the world competition among the nations.

China to the development of 3D printing industry promotion plan, enhance the 3D printing technology and application level, deepen the transformation and upgrading of industrial development, promoting the "2025 Chinese manufacturing strategy" China, Ministry of industry and information technology talent exchange center 10, and the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government District Management Committee jointly organized the forum 2015 traveling here, the current situation and prospects, 3D printing 3D printing on demand for talent and culture and other topics. On the meeting, "traveling plan" the Yangtze River Delta 3D printing innovation center was officially inaugurated.

2014, the Wuxi municipal government approved and launched the "additive manufacturing industry park planning and construction, adhering to the" development of the concept of material as the foundation, equipment as a link, for the purpose of application ", relying on the strong manufacturing base, the integration of high-quality resources, and create the best environment for the development of science and technology industry and entrepreneurial talent, in order to ensure the moment stand in the commanding heights of the 3D printing industry.