Changsha County the new countryside to inject vitality into Rural Entrepreneurship

rural economy is the fundamental development of a country. In recent years, in order to promote rural development, China has introduced a number of policies. In the double era, has also been launched continuous business support policy, the investment into the countryside, the two revolution of rural agricultural development.

Changsha County as the first county in the Midwest, is a name card of county economic development in Hunan province. However, the county economy has a 60% of the rural land. This means that in the overall development of urban and rural areas, the "three rural" work still has many complex problems to be solved.

"we should advocate a new countryside action, let the talent, capital and technology of the city to the countryside, let the entrepreneurial people find their own world in the countryside." Changsha county Party Secretary, Changsha open District Party committee secretary Yang Yiwen decided to come up with favorable policies, 5 years to attract thousands of tourists to the countryside, to participate in the construction of new countryside.


chanzao forest quiet birds. In a pastoral view, a cup of coffee, and then start a new day’s work. Each came to Xunlong River town a – venture can enjoy such a comfortable life.

"80" after creating Li Qiangzheng here is the use value of the good ecological environment in rural areas.

"my own photography studio to Xunlong River, can enjoy a pleasant working environment, can also capture this unique country style with the lens, and even record other hit off the story." Li Qiang told reporters that he lives in the county, Xunlong he-tong1 buses, 1 hours will be able to get home.

11 27, from Changsha County to the northern town of Castle Peak with shop star bus 10 officially opened, Changsha County county has opened 23 urban bus lines, along the route and open Hui town of 16 township has been basically achieved through the bus. The first in the province to achieve full coverage of rural town bus.