Henan to carry out public entrepreneurship projects to relax the entrepreneurial loans

for the majority of entrepreneurs in the early stage of the entrepreneurial process is the need for adequate financial protection? So, such a kind of financial security come from? A large part of it comes from loans, and now there are many places to relax the restrictions on business loans.

7 21, reporters from the Provincial People Club hall that, according to the Department and the postal savings bank branch in Henan Province signed the "public business Huimin project strategic cooperation agreement", from the beginning of this year, our province will be the "public business Huimin project" as the carrier, to business loans as the starting point, at least 5 years to support 500 thousand people business groups, the issuance of business loans of not less than 30 billion yuan, to further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation.

To carry out a Huimin project such


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