Fujian province has become fertile ground for cultivating innovative flowers

into the last month of 2015, this year’s innovation and entrepreneurship activities will soon come out. Under the encouragement of a number of policies to help, the number of entrepreneurs in China this year, a substantial increase, boosting China’s new development.

by Innovation — Quanzhou "show SHOW" platform of old plant transformation, has gathered more than and 300 companies, more than 6000 guests. Information, finance, design, marketing, mentor, industry…… From the front end to the terminal, creating a "SHOW" to find ways to provide comprehensive services, to solve the problem of pain in the creative industry entrepreneurship – entrepreneurs access to resources is difficult, low conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements. Last year, collar SHOW output value of 1 billion 300 million yuan, a tax of $120 million, respectively, at the beginning of 2012, the transformation of the 10 times and 20 times.

this is my province to vigorously promote entrepreneurship and innovation achievements of the public.

platform gathering, opening up new space

in Fuzhou Software Park, a cloud + coffee in every cup of coffee contains all the discussion about the team, model, investment. A coffee + not only for guests to provide entrepreneurship training, business registration, tax services, investment Fujian Sunshine Energy incubator management company also founded angel fund, the first phase of the scale of 20 million yuan. Provincial government to vigorously promote innovation and Entrepreneurship of the ten measures, the establishment of social capital to set up Angel Fund support, give us great confidence." Investor Chen Xiubin said the person in charge.

Xiamen Qingwa public record space, mobile Internet start-up companies to provide business training, angel investors, Venture Alliance and other services, the establishment of the scale of 100 million yuan angel fund, has invested 11 mobile Internet projects, including 3 projects to get A round of financing; Shishi star YI maxspace, full use of local the textile and garment industry chain advantages, by creating innovation incubator project, to make innovative products, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, currently has 11 entrepreneurial team in……

this year, the province’s 49 provincial public record review of the public record space, space has accumulated entrepreneurial team more than 1 thousand, creating more than 5000 people recommended