Discussion on how to raise capital in 2015

venture financing is subject to secure a commonplace talk of an old scholar, entrepreneurship, career path, financing is an important part of the enterprise will experience. Want to start in 2015, friends may wish to take a look at the financing method.

1.VC is your partner

2. angel investor is your friend

but, in the design of angel investment framework, must ensure that the price / reasonable valuation, the terms of the investment as simple as possible. Otherwise, the subsequent VC financing may face some difficulties.

3. to find the right investor

Brad refers to the 80/20 principle, even the 99/1 principle. Fundamentally, entrepreneurs should spend a lot of time in the 1% most suitable investors, rather than waste time on other investors.

Brad believes that the right investor has at least 2 elements: (1) the region (many VC only invest in certain areas of the project); (2) the industry sector (FoundryGroup does not invest in clean technology, even if the company looks good). I think there might be a "phase of investment," because many VC are only interested in companies at certain stages (for example, some VC only invest in companies that already have income, etc.).

Before starting