For many years to make money out of the nine business

business, is facing all kinds of people of every hue of the whole society are used in the method of unit work to do business to make money is clearly not feasible. So start to lose a lot of business. After a period of grinding and rolling, I also realized some business to do business.

Third: to understand the market, the hand on hand. Someone came to pick you, sometimes also want to speak at the fate of business. Some popular goods the village is not the store. If you do not sell, you have to wait for a certain period of time, may affect your turnover.


seventh: business, don’t let the guests feel that you want to sell him something, then he will fall in your price.

the eight: please buy for sell. Requirements into good goods, cheap goods, in the purchase of hard work, looking for sources of origin. Don’t try to sell the goods, as long as you are right, the guests will come.

nine: choose the pavement to join, preferably in the popularity of the place. Shop.