How to successfully open a community convenience store

in the traditional super to bring people rich product services, while convenience stores because of convenience in the current fast-paced market is more popular with people’s consumption. Because of this, in recent Chinese convenience store chain management conference, Chinese association secretary general Pei Liang is given a copy of the data, the convenience stores sales over the previous year growth of 15.2%, far higher than the 4.1% supermarket and department store -0.8%.

With the development of

China social economy and urbanization process accelerated, the vast majority of the population in the city has formed a community of life, and the "community marketing" is born in the environment and the background of such things.

in the city, the city has a great potential for the community. Therefore, the "shop in the community" has gradually been regarded as a number of enterprises as a new way to expand the market, and more and more enterprises are concerned about.

downstairs can buy, go out to be able to meet the needs of community residents living. The emergence of the community, instant purchase demand, it is convenient for China’s convenience store consumer signs.

therefore, community convenience stores rely on convenient, convenient and win.

community convenience stores, operating area should not be too large, large store area, although the SKU category of goods will be more, higher turnover, but the cost of rental shops will be high. Therefore, it is recommended on the basis of personal financial strength, shops to 40-100 square meters is appropriate.

open community convenience store site before the proposed

1, accounting of how many shops around the population of the community, a mature community, the surrounding population should not be less than 3000; for some of the New District, the site must be cautious, because many new residential occupancy rate is very low (unless it is free shops).

2, community convenience store shop choice from the intersection as soon as possible, preferably in the corner of the intersection window;

3, the store should be selected in the positive direction of traffic flow, flow line;

4, community convenience store is best not to choose the underground store or more than two shops, so that customers are not accessible.

community convenience store reasonable commodity planning

as a community convenience store product distribution should be more reasonable to leisure food, convenience food, drink beverages, wine, daily necessities of life, personal care products.

commodity display notes

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