Xie Ronghua high school youth entrepreneurship indoor green soft decoration

young people always give people a warm feeling, a lot of entrepreneurs who have such a spirit, not necessarily young will be reckless, also can make some young elders strange enough, such as today’s this boy, do military self employment pipe when he was a high school student, what specific results. We have to wait and see.

1997 Xie Ronghua was born in Huaian, early with their parents to settle in Nanjing. As a result of his father’s work, Xie Ronghua’s childhood life has been spent on the site. At that time, the 16 year old Xie Ronghua in a father with the delivery of housing. Customer acceptance, moved a Scindapsus placed on the coffee table. With this simple act, an inspiration burst out of Xie Ronghua’s mind! "The environment is so bad now, all we do is in the outdoor landscape plants. Decoration is always a cement brick, why can not be moved to the interior of the landscape? The construction will be the beginning of the interior design in plants!" The transformation and impact of plants on the environment is not comparable to the general purifier. According to Xie Ronghua’s description, it felt like a door opened".