Jewelry business attaches importance to the details of management is very important

many people choose to invest in personalized jewelry shop, it is important to master the skills, it is very important to master the details of management, managers need to master the correct method, such as the emphasis on order management, opening hot, performance will continue to decline, the single management is a detail personality in daily management in the jewelry store.

1, lack of goods, a serious shortage of

the empty shelves, and some even 5-6 rows are empty; in this case, mainly in the number of newcomers to join, to recover the investment, to store replenishment; when this happens, let guests feel the shop to re closed, so the guests did not dare to buy high-end jewelry shop, "if shut up, I bought something bad how to do", in the high-end jewelry shop after a month, will really move customers to your store; only a sense of trust, you will buy the high-end jewelry shop.

2, store field less than

3, popular goods lack of