Flooring enterprises how to enhance profit margins

now businesses are facing competitive pressure in the home building industry, with more and more involved in the development of brand shop, the flooring industry has gradually matured, the floor corporate profits also tends to slow, want to further enhance the profit space, also need to adjust the strategic layout, good profit model.

profit model based on the core product competition

profit model of the core products, to have a broad market capacity and sustainable development prospects. Market capacity is too small, the development of small natural space. Small market prospects, the growth of the project is bound to small.

flooring products (or services) core competitive force. Your core flooring products or services, the core competitiveness is the first, or the traditional product (or service) upgrade, in theory, with unparalleled competitive advantage.


project has a strong profitability (at least in theory). Profitability is too weak to maintain the survival of the project, the team is not able to provide fresh blood – cash flow, it is impossible to expand production or expand the scale.

scientific benefit distribution mechanism

a lot of theoretical calculation is a good profit model, because of the interest distribution mechanism is not reasonable, and the loss caused by the core backbone of the infighting, because of the lack of effective incentive mechanism, decrease the cohesion of the team, the project is in the half-dead state, at the same time, the core members of the floor enterprise loss, it also created for themselves a lot of competitors.

If the operating mechanism of the

project can not be copied quickly, it will not be able to grow rapidly, and it will not be able to become bigger and stronger. Such as the floor shop, if only to store the form of bigger and stronger, and even make the first regional brand, also is not the profit model, because he could not in other areas also copied the same multiple stores. The ability to replicate depends largely on whether there are standard processes and procedures. As well as the core of human resources to promote the implementation of these standards.

in addition, the floor sources of enterprise competitiveness, not only limited to products, except products, things and financing platform, incentive mechanism, service standards and other soft.

market competition is very fierce, the survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, flooring companies want to achieve better development, in addition to several aspects mentioned above, and the key is the brand competitiveness of products, to avoid the homogenization of competition, so we must understand the manufacturing barriers to competition. So as not to fear the imitation and Transcendence of the floor competitors.

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