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a clear lung appearance effect that is quite good?. Laser smoking is high-tech laser technology imported from the British novel Sykes University, Sykes University in the middle of medical research, this paper proposed a new laser therapy therapy, this therapy mainly adopts the special laser beam smokers bit, especially the ear acupuncture points, thereby eliminating any side effects for smokers caused the urgent needs of the nicotine intake painless smoking cessation therapy not throughout the treatment a total of 3 to 5 courses, each course is only 60-90 minutes.

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instrument Qingfei efficacy significantly? Researchers, laser this new method does not need to quit smoking nicotine replacement or other drug adjuvant therapy. It is reported that this approach as early as 15 years ago in Canada and some areas of Europe began trial. The researchers conducted a careful observation and study of 340 smokers, some of whom received a 3 to 4 course of treatment. The results showed that all the received laser therapy of smokers are very fruitful in smoking, ninety-five percent of them completely quit smoking, in addition to a small number of people also reduced the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

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