Puzzle games leading investors on the road to prosperity

this is a kind of entertainment in recent years by the majority of consumers in the way of interest and puzzle games in one, and constantly develop new games project again for the industry to inject new vitality, is worthy of investor attention project!

Table Games originated in Germany, in Europe and America has been popular for decades. Everyone in the game with friends and friends. In foreign countries, the contents of the game on the table involved in war, trade, culture, art, urban construction, history and many other aspects, most of the use of paper materials and exquisite model.

table games (or most of the use of paper materials with excellent auxiliary, auxiliary model) without the need for other electronic equipment. It does not plug in (unplugged), but it has the characteristics of online games – emphasis on communication, and is a kind of face to face game.

so, this is a game very suitable for friends and family gatherings, it has a more pure gameplay more simple. The world a lot of electronic game designers are in the game for inspiration, or in the game way to test their new ideas.