What are the key points of the operation of the hotel

if you want to make a store to operate well, but even the key point of the shop are not aware of, but also to talk about how to get the better operation of the store development? Different from the cigarette and liquor vendor supermarkets, hotels, retail shops these terminal consumer sites have established a mature consumer environment, because these terminals mostly formed a strong atmosphere of the consumer, and can adapt to the public to buy consumer habits. The tobacco shop is not a mainstream form of consumption, the need for reasonable and effective guidance to consumers and target groups.

1, manufacturers should actively cultivate the cigarette and liquor vendor brand consciousness, quality consciousness and service consciousness, only the term natural sales is not enough, it must strengthen the business requirements, on behalf of customer visits, customer depth maintenance, manufacturers can often carry out some contact, will strengthen the training of dealer brand emotion. In order to stimulate their initiative in promoting awareness.

2, market division and network management according to the area, for the development of the core consumer group around each dot radiation region, and should establish a reasonable price system, to avoid the cigarette and liquor vendor dealer because caused discontent spread.

3, actively guide the target groups of the "cigarette and liquor vendor consumer habits, not regularly according to the market situation, combined with cigarette and liquor vendor dealers to develop some consumption, such as: the use of holidays sent store sales staff to some port shops with the scale of the publicity and promotion of single goods, or through public relations activities to establish VIP members, i.e. think of a way to undermine other channels to consumers is the key.

4, in the smoke on the article. The promotion of the target population cognition and consumption of this product through effective and integrated marketing mode.

5, chain of tobacco should attach great importance to the brand vivid display, can provide suggestions to the owner of the brand advertising counter display wine rack and cigarette shelf.

although people are now set up shop in order to enhance the sales of the store, in order to bring more wealth to the operators, but it still needs to do more to meet the natural. In short, tobacco shops not only is the development of a shop even if the completion of the task, we must do more to guide the work on consumer behavior, must be in the "tobacco joint promotion work on.