Shops can not be distracted

a lot of people as a store owner, when the shop is always distracted, resulting in the development of the store business affected. In fact, the operation of the store is not distracted, so that the store will create a greater profit for their own profits. A few days ago a night, around 8, the drama of the plot to attract my attention, I am with the hero or sad or happy.

"bag" Abba "!" A customer into the store, there is no general customer anxious mood, and a new $100 bills with the voice falls on the smoke cabinet. "Hurry up, something!" As soon as I picked up the money, the man hurried. The customer time, I have some deft, I left the money, the right to smoke cabinet with smoke, and then used to pick up the money to see. At this time, it began and increased the volume: "Abba" how much to sell a package?" "13." "What? 43? How to sell so expensive!" One "bang", the smoke shot on the counter, sounded very angry.

I was yelling immersed in the TV episodes rather baffling, thoughts of a sudden back, it looked up and comers, careful observation of medium height, with a pair of glasses, glasses and a pair of small eyes squint, a frowning face. I subconsciously looked at the money to the light, the watermark positive fuzzy, negative no stamp, fake money! No detector can be determined. I thrust the hundred dollars to shoot on the counter, before opening, it has grabbed the money to go to him, his mouth still shouting "where there is a" sell 43 yuan Liqun ‘", not for a while and then disappeared in the darkness.

damned! Almost cheated! In retrospect, fear. Jingxiaxinlai think: why choose this time to use fake money cheat? Estimate is to see me watching TV too into the business of a pair of absent-minded look. If not because he was guilty of urging, immersed in a TV episode of I may be in effect in accept false money. Now, also should thank his roar.

in the current market to operate the business is a lot of liar fraud cases, however, many of which are due to the fact that the reasons for the owner distraction. Sum up the experience of the past can be found, liar, thief often take advantage of the owner of the busy, the effect of the door to come. In this remind colleagues: do business must not be careless, keep the shop is not distracted, can the thief, liar, false money outside the door.