One Sliced noodles join details

pasta brand has 10 million, each has its own characteristics, but also have their own brand, product features. Sliced noodles occupies the important status in the hearts of lovers of pasta, one Sliced noodles is even more so. Since the advent of 11 Sliced noodles has been committed to providing the best products and service for the user, with its high quality products and excellent service received wide acclaim in the industry, has been favored by entrepreneurs. So how to join this brand?

11 Sliced noodles join details

join conditions:

1, love food and beverage industry.

2 a legal person or natural person with legal qualifications.

3, the recognition of the company’s operation and development, with the headquarters of the mentality of management.

4, with a certain investment base and investment capacity.

5, with investment franchise chain stores necessary funds and reasonable, superior shop places (franchise area of about 60—300 square meters).

join advantage:

1, one of Sliced noodles merchants headquarters to provide all aspects of technology and process.

2, secret sauce ingredients, others can not imitate, let them join to secure Sliced noodles.

3, Professor shop experience, providing shop, renovation planning program, advertising support, opening business management guidance.

4, one Sliced noodles with several sets of investment plan, a few million yuan of funds, real quick profit, low threshold, high yield.

5, no seasonal: you can do all the year round, delicious products, low prices, one by one Sliced noodles in the country are sold.

join policy:

1, HQ gravity Escort: we are more focused on the success of the first home in the blank market than you, the headquarters will be gravity escort your success. As a model in the gaps in the market, the headquarters will increase investment costs, to be sure, after the cooperation costs must be several times more than the cost of cooperation now.

2, the priority right: the regional headquarters location of strict protection policy, any regional gaps in the market preferred location, other shops need in the 1.5 kilometers outside the site, has the absolute advantage in location, you can choose.