Why do you sell your products to teach you to improve marketing capabilities

whether it is a start-up company, or salesman, sold to the product, in order to have a profit return. Why don’t you sell your product? If you can’t sell your product, or if you don’t sell as much as you want, then you have a problem with your marketing strategy. If your products are suitable for, lo, the masses love, only to the right customers in order to achieve the value of the products. Here are 7 ways to improve a person’s marketing level:

1.  identify target customers

in the marketing of products, must be full of passion. Customers at the first sight of the marketing staff is full of passion, passion, will certainly be willing to do business with him. Of course, some people may not be suitable for "selling" products, so don’t waste too much time. But remember, don’t distract marketing, hold their own marketing goals, to have strategies in marketing. Many marketers always make such a mistake, and the client chat, but chatted for a long time, the topic will pull away.

2. do marketing plan

3.  using social networking

4.  often called