Sea Amoy fake profit exposure Too amazing

reporter learned yesterday from the Beijing customs, along with the rise of electronic business platform for the past ten years, Beijing Customs seized infringing goods 98% from express mail, mail, the authenticity of goods has become a new trend of mixed. Customs declaration does not have to remind that the goods must be genuine, members of the public to beware of fake electricity supplier scouring the sea.

fake big ticket was actually a formal electricity supplier

yesterday morning, the Beijing Customs show a number of foreign entry into the process of inspection of the infringing fakes, many of which are Samsung, Coach and other big names.

in 2013, by the Beijing customs discovered the trick: fake clearance when a group of clothes from genuine doped in Turkey sent to China, such as marked "BURBERRY" trademark of the false name. It is reported that the number of infringing goods worth more than 400 yuan, the highest number of national import customs seized counterfeit goods. However, this batch of fake consignee unexpectedly is a well-known domestic electronic business platform.

this is not the case. With the rapid development of electronic commerce, with parcels and express entry and exit of the infringement and counterfeit goods is increasing. From Beijing customs data show that from 2005 to 2014, Beijing Customs seized a total of 10 years of infringing goods for the first batch of 15318 batches, which seized nearly 15000 batches of postal channels, accounting for the total number of batches of 98%. Only in 2014, Beijing Customs seized a total of 3029 kinds of infringing goods in the courier channel.

declaration to deceive consumers

"counter genuine, quality assurance, 100% layer cowhide, tough and durable." In a company called "Wei Wei boutiques" of the Taobao store, a self proclaimed "Burberry" brand leather belt is selling at a price of 882 yuan. In detail, the merchant uploaded 5 vague "Declaration", with "genuine security" four big scarlet letter.

like this declaration to testify to their own online business and many. Tmall on the law Amoy home stores in the store, an early market selling lemon cup is also introduced in the entry and exit quarantine certificate photos.

there is no declaration and the authenticity of goods is not directly related." Beijing customs regulations intellectual property division chief He Bing said, with the declaration of goods and can not represent the goods are genuine, and the authenticity of the goods need to be identified by the right owner of the customs.

insiders told reporters that some businesses may be able to declare the price and pay customs duties, after obtaining the declaration, they will use this document to deceive consumers.

fake profits up to 80%

similarly, the export sector has a lot of infringing fake slip out of the country. From the mobile phone charging interface can be seen, there are two genuine flash point." A domestic communications technology Co., Ltd. brand director holding just seized the infringing goods said. Not long ago, 500>