From the QQ space that year today to see the content of the nternet Marketing

believe that usually have the use of QQ space friends know that the most recent period of time a new QQ space a more prominent piece of that year today, as shown in the following figure. The content of the show is also very simple, but in the past few years, according to the QQ space to talk about content by comparison with today’s date, which show last year or the year before you published about QQ space at the same time, "that today" section and the current user associated with the user’s history today is also the list of about QQ. Perhaps cursory observation, perhaps just feel that this is nothing more than a small function of QQ space, who want to get, not worth mentioning. But in fact, from the QQ space that year today, we can get some of the Internet content marketing implications:

first, the time of Internet content: especially blog, log, information, not necessarily because the increase of time and completely lost its influence, and are likely to play the effect of marketing in a specific period of time. QQ space "that today" is such an example (presumably we all know -Today in History "today in history", mainly to understand the history of the events of that day, let us learn from history, recalling the Guth today on the thought, reach consensus), the concept of the history about the release of the contents and, today’s date, resulting in the friends of the QQ display space, one can enhance the diachronic review of the news, on the other hand, it can directly see the history of dynamic friends, sometimes seen last year or the year before the talk, also can bring emotional resonance, people are emotional memories of the animal, in particular the time of the show, can play its influence, so as to bring the effect of marketing.

Secondly, the

content of the Internet: Internet content, not necessarily because of geographical changes and the value of its content, and may continue to exert influence in a specific space. It is easy to associate with the space from time to time, but the time above the QQ space is currently used, the space it? In fact, the same content can be used to carry out the content of the Internet marketing. With the popularity of mobile smart phones in recent years, and these smart phones often have the function of navigation and positioning, which has a spatial information on the release of Internet content – geographic location. When the user releases a message in a place, through the Internet to record down, then these Internet content will have the space. If you can fully on the content of the Internet data mining, the integration of information from the space, may be able to bring the same effect and time, thus promoting the content of the Internet marketing.

in addition, the relation between the Internet content for the interactive type of platform, web sites, such as SNS, micro-blog, WeChat, a circle of friends and other related information together to expand the influence and spread of content. Content marketing platform if there is no information related, the user first receives this information, it may not stay behind for a long time, a great feature of QQ space is the user constantly mining association information in ">