Royal Mail enabled package to return to new platform

day before the Royal Mail enabled the new package to return the platform to help online retailers to better manage the parcel return process, for customers to improve the online shopping experience.

With the help of the platform, retailers can accurately return the package

. This will enable retailers to improve inventory management, return the package on time, and reasonable arrangements for the subsequent return orders and delivery time.

for shoppers, they will be more convenient to print the package back to the label, through the Royal Mail’s return parcel tracking service, the 5 effective nodes to monitor the package returned to the whole process.

platform is part of the Royal Mail to improve product and service plan, can effectively support online retailers and online shopping customers, online shopping to provide greater convenience.

research shows that a good return experience is the main driving force for the birth of the two purchase. 72% of shoppers said they would not buy the goods for the second time, with a poor return experience.

consulting Hall and Partners study found that, compared to other carriers, 83% of shoppers are more dependent on the royal mail delivery service. The UK POST window network has the largest retail delivery network in the UK, is the most popular parcel delivery service provider.