Tencent and Lei Jun are optimistic about the car all 8500 million C round of financing

August 3rd news, it was learned that the used car business platform for everyone to get the car from Tencent strategic investment of $85 million C round of financing.

everyone car sources, including Shun Lei Jun, the last round of capital investors also with investment, Huaxing served as financial advisor.

everyone car App interface

informed sources, in fact, this round of financing has been completed as early as the end of April, when all car monthly turnover of just over 1000 vehicles.

it is understood that all the car was founded in April 2014, had already won two rounds of investment, including investment, investment sources of venture capital and the Lei system along the red dot for capital. After the current round of financing, the car will be valued at more than $500 million.

this round is Tencent in the second-hand car electricity supplier industry is currently the largest investment, but also means that Tencent is accelerating the layout of the field.

everyone car founder and CEO Li Jian said, everyone can car C2C business model described as "Internet second-hand car 4S shop", in addition to continue to increase investment, so that second-hand car trading process more transparent and efficient, the next will be the integration of resources, the more convenient, cost-effective customer service service system, allowing users to sell the car, a car, the car is free. Everyone car and Tencent in the field of automotive business and resources are highly complementary to the understanding of the used car market is also very consistent, the follow-up will also have a deep cooperation."

industry know your paper pumping, compared to pure financial investment, Tencent’s social system, help everyone car service reputation into effective communication, which may be the main reason for the introduction of the current round of investment.

data show that all cars as a used car C2C trading platform, the current business covers 20 cities, in the sale of individual car source of 15000, July turnover of more than 3000, the average transaction price of 100 thousand yuan. All aspects of the car is expected by the end of 2015, its monthly turnover of up to 10000, does not rule out the possibility of the next round of financing will be launched in the near future.

according to statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, in 2014 the annual second-hand car trading 7 million, this year is expected to be 10 million. In the face of rapid growth in the market, the traditional used car trading is very inefficient, and opaque, the interests of ordinary consumers can not be guaranteed.

compared to the traditional concept of second-hand car trading, taken all car C2C mode has the following characteristics: 1) direct docking owners and individual buyers, cut the middle part; 2) professional appraisers on-site inspection, to ensure the transparency of information, out of the car accident; 3) to provide 14 days no reason to return the car and 1 year warranty for buyers customer service, to solve the worries.

recently, the second-hand car online trading market has become increasingly popular. The United States used car C2C trading site Beepi is valued at $2 billion, seeking a new round of about $300 million in financing.

in the country, second-hand car electricity supplier due to the combination of the Internet, >