Jingdong response pseudo cheap accused trust consumer judgment

Beijing News (reporter Li Yuan) 3·, 8 electricity supplier price war has not yet officially started, the smell of gunpowder has spread. The United States President Wang Junzhou publicly blasted the electricity supplier price fraud, aimed at Jingdong. Yesterday, Jingdong responded that transparency is one of the biggest features of e-commerce, I believe the judgment of consumers.

Jingdong Gome shelling "price gouging"

March 5th, the United States President Wang Junzhou in a media communication conference site open Jingdong product page for example, the lampblack machine, they play out the original price 7767 yuan, 1000 yuan price sale. "In fact, no stove hood at this level may be sold for the price of more than 7 thousand, transaction records also show that they did not sell too early, did not sell 7767 of the price, this is a typical electricity supplier fraud".

senior vice president of the United States Li Juntao summed up the four common electricity supplier price deception: the first one is the fictitious original price mentioned above; the second is the low limit, known as zero yuan, one yuan, zero per purchase, but only two or three sales, consumers do not buy; third have no price the goods, which marked a very low price, indicating the spot when consumers buy goods, when the user orders, but showed no goods; the fourth is the first price and then discount.

Gome attack electricity supplier price fraud directed at Jingdong. It is worth noting that the Jingdong’s response unexpectedly mild, and did not respond to the specific issues raised by the United states.

Beijing News reporter yesterday to ask the Jingdong, the Jingdong store sent a written reply, said, "transparency" is one of the largest e-commerce features, users can stay at home online parity, the company believes that the consumer’s judgment, and thank our customers and partners trust and support Jingdong.

Jingdong, said the fact that everything will be

said the United States, the price of fraud has become the industry tumor. Wang Junzhou said that the majority of the electricity supplier to do the "low-cost articles" to attract attention. In fact, the cost structure of e-commerce is higher than the line to the store.

yesterday, dangdang.com Li Guoqing in Sina micro-blog voice, said the shelling of the United States is a business, not one size fits all". At the same time he also admitted that the high price of goods, online operating costs relative to the line does not have the advantage.

yesterday, a consumer spending nearly a hundred times in Changsha, said the consumer, he is generally going to several major electricity supplier website after the comparison and then decided to buy. "By conscience, Jingdong is not what is cheap, I have found several times more expensive than the supermarket. But most of the products, Jingdong cheaper than the physical store, specifically to buy, or to compare their own."

(below the line) the average gross profit margin of about 18%, operating expenses rate of around 13%, the net profit margin of around 4%, the current electricity supplier’s average gross profit margin of about 7%, operating expenses rate of 1>