P2P net loan now the collapse of credit information into the wave of Achilles heel

[introduction] although P2P recent negative news constantly, but the financial sector still have great expectations.

April 2nd, the list of P2P net loan companies down on and a new member: Public Lending network, the company registered capital of 10 million, the net loan platform at the beginning of March was on the line, the survival time was only one month.

excellent easy loan, gold loan, Aetna outstanding…… They have promised to provide a net loan platform returns to investors, eventually bring huge losses to investors is, the collapse of the public lending network involving more than 30 investors, involving funds of more than 200, and the closure of the last yooee loan is more than 60 of the investment made by a loss of about 20000000.

has been P2P net loan model industry hopes, but now it has become a high-risk areas, what is caught in this emerging industry the pace of


P2P risk control problem

in a letter to investors, the public lending network wrote: due to the lack of experience in the entire management team, the business did not take control of the risk, to investors caused irreparable damage.

for any financial services, risk control is the top priority, P2P net loan is no exception, but how to control, this problem is plagued by practitioners of P2P. P2P net loan refers to personal loans to individuals, compared to traditional bank lending, with a low threshold, fast approval, simple procedures and other advantages, the main lending group is difficult to easily obtain loans in the bank Small and micro businesses and workers, students and other groups, but the more assets in poor condition groups, to assess their credit and repayment ability is more difficult.

bank and we are not small and micro enterprises can not see the credibility of the shops, P2P companies can see? When it comes to P2P net loan risk control ability, Ali financial group president Hu Xiaoming asked. At the end of last year, the health status of P2P industry based on concerns, Alipay announced the end of the new P2P service company.

Hu Xiaoming said, "we have launched Ali small loan only Alibaba service businesses within the platform, because we can grasp his data, know his good and bad, his ability to repay, other businesses, even the Internet, technology, personnel analysis, we also do not have the ability to understand their business conditions."

"credit information, this is the P2P industry’s biggest hurdle." A person familiar with the P2P net loan VC investment manager told reporters said, "Ali small loan so many financial institutions envy, is based on their years of accumulated business information, successfully solved the problem of the use of credit information data, once out of the Ali platform, credit information has become blind."

in order to obtain a more reliable credit information, in the past claimed that the number of online loan companies have been transformed into a series of offline mode, training a