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[Abstract] early in January this year, CCTV exposed Baidu Post Bar hemophilia, psoriasis, was sold to a medical group, a large number of false advertising caused damage to the interests of patients. Today, Baidu Post Bar business and commercial promotion are still walking a fine line, supervision and other aspects of the problem.

CCTV news WeChat public number reported on September 25th, network consumption trap, there will be a trap, bait, at present, some of the ads on the network as a bait role. Consulting consumption, many people have the habit of Baidu search, and search results in the ranking of the former, but also more trust. Baidu search promotion services, in the end is what to rank? Credit? Strength? Reputation? Or other?


advertising when the bait by Baidu to promote false marketing

in March this year, Guangdong Dongguan Ms. Luo opened a shop. Because the shop is not familiar with the means of operation, she went on the Baidu search. When Ms. Luo input in Baidu search how to open shop, called Mianyang business extension Agel Ecommerce Ltd appeared in the front page position is very close, she went in.


Mianyang Billiton Billiton company claims that can be achieved through the purchase of marketing courses to enhance the visibility and customer shop. Ms. Luo signed a two-year training agreement, but did not pay the money for a long time, Ms. Luo found himself fooled, spent a total of 16480, after all remittances in the past, any way can not contact him."

Sichuan consumer network consumer complaints center data show that this year has received 28 complaints about the company’s alleged fraud. In June this year, the local public security bureau set up a task force on the Mianyang business extension company conducted an investigation and evidence collection, and ultimately arrested 73 suspects, to determine the amount of more than 700 yuan.


suspects Zhang Min explained, the company began to online fraud since the beginning of 2015, the means of committing the crime is to use Baidu search platform extension services, enhance the company’s reputation, so as to obtain the trust of victims, defrauding the training fee.

The higher the

advertising costs ranked the former

liar is in what way, so that their company’s advertising can be ranked in the promotion of Baidu


the higher it is, the higher the ranking will be. Our company’s search page ranked first, the customer will be more likely to enter the company’s website, to understand our business." Zhang Min said the suspect, initially, the company spent a few million on Baidu to promote, and no effect. Later, more than 30 investment promotion in Baidu, to attract more customers.


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