On the car home and lazy website Qin Gang’s point of view some one sided


first I have to thank Mr. Qin Gang, you are the Internet predecessors, you become the Pacific computer network editor I just go to college, that I began to contact the internet. In more than a decade ago, in addition to Sina Sohu China TOM, the country has not been a few decent sites, QQ is just a simple chat tool. But the Pacific Automotive Network at that moment is vertical website industry a great reputation. But also by PConline, can I know the first time PCauto, after graduation to a vision of the Internet and the love of cars to join the PCauto editorial department, and has engaged in Internet media. So from this point of view, I respect Mr. Qin Gang very much. But Mr. Qin Gang, I would like to know, after leaving the Pacific network from you, especially your 2007 began to put a sexual content website into a health portal, you know how much of the Internet media


, let’s talk about the car and the lazy websites in your mouth today. You have I agree on one point: not too cattle car home, car home and do not have their own say so invincible. But what about

, too lazy to think about

you said these cars on the front page of the site looks similar, I agree. Are all below the navigation bar to hang a model database portal. The difference is that each parameter calibration is different, in addition to whether the specific model of the channel is in front of the column, with the sale of the purchase. But this is not the design of the brain.

first of all, as you mentioned in the article, the site traffic to a large extent from the database, the database is in front of the performance of the model library. That being the case, the site will of course be the easiest thing to import traffic on the top. And whether this is the most reasonable way, at least so far, the effect of this approach is the most direct. The total can not be changed to the car site with foreign car sites, it is not a good situation in china.

secondly, you may think that China’s auto sales in the world, China’s car consumption concept is the world’s first. Oh, you really overestimated the Chinese netizens. I can responsibly say that more than half of automobile website users, in the purchase demand will check the Internet information, their primary purpose is to look at these check quotes, pocket money can buy what car, what car is cheap to sell, which is why the car site is always one of the shopping guide the profit flows. But gehangrugeshan you know, most of the car is really not too understood. What do you do? You can only look up the data from the top model. For example, interested in golf 7, then click on the golf course, after entering the news there are shopping guide to have the evaluation of the market there are pictures of the parameters of the configuration table as well as the comparison of the same model. At present, most of China’s Internet users of automotive knowledge, this is the most direct. Net >