Rise of fundraising website entrepreneurs can not bear the pain and joy


Kickstarter display (Tencent technology plan)

according to foreign media reports, in December last year, announced the production of a beautiful iPhone aluminum charging base project, set off a boom on the internet. The founder of the project through the fund-raising site Kickstarter has raised nearly $1 million 500 thousand, and promised to start in April this year to those provided for the project to send money to people they developed Elevation Dock products.

but Apple’s redesigned iPhone5 last week was not compatible with the product and, due to delays in production, some of the people who initially provided funding for the project did not receive the product. Designers are now working on developing adapters and upgrades. A fund raiser said on Kickstarter: "now I just hope that iPhone6 can receive their products before shipment."

fundraising sites such as Kickstarter, IndieGogo, let designers and other creative people and want to provide funds to achieve their dreams of direct contact with the user, these sites are increasingly popular. Kickstarter is one of the largest of these sites, nearly three million people through the site to help achieve the financing objectives of the 30 thousand projects, the total commitment to raise $300 million.

but for the founders of these projects, access to capital is very simple. After obtaining the funds they need to achieve the dream of raising funds, and the project will be attended by the collective concern of the fund-raising. But the new model has a series of potential defects, this is often the founder of project financing to There’s no telling, but also difficult to understand is what defect. The fund basically trust project founder, to provide cash to them in the hope of winning the future returns.

for film production projects to provide funding, the name can appear in the film show staff table, while providing $100 to support the development of smart watches, but also get the finished product. Most of the time this kind of action is effective. However, there are a number of projects, including a number of well-known, popular projects, but there is a mistake or long-term delays. New food vehicle license may not be able to run down. Electronic products such as Elevation Dock, manufacturing and shipping difficulties may be beyond imagination.

in the XOXO section, a new model and a new way to pay attention to the Internet innovation event event, fund-raising seems to rise overnight. This conference is by early Kickstarter employee Andy · Bayiao (Andy Baio) founded jointly with others, he sold the conference ticket price of $400 through the Kickstarter, to see people on the activities of interest and for Congress to raise funds.

in the fund-raising site, not the relationship between project founder and fund raisers to straighten out. Set >