Online music market Although the cake is not easy to eat heavy yoke of copyright

"the Internet has changed many traditional industries, and now it’s music." Small shrimp music CEO Wang Hao the small shrimp music platform conference laments.

CD, from the cassette to the Internet to the mobile phone music client, people enjoy the music channels in the constantly changing, the online music market continues to expand, the market competition becomes more and more serious. In addition to QQ music, Baidu music, cool dog music, cool music box and other old businesses continue to occupy the main market, the beginning of this year there are 3 veteran Internet giants involved in online music: Alibaba through mergers and small shrimp music was established music division; Qihoo 360 launched 360 music box; and the traditional Internet portals NetEase launched a NetEase the main social cloud music "brand.

Market: cake gradually become larger

with the development of the Internet, China’s online music industry ushered in the golden period of development, more and more companies want to share in this market".

Ministry of Culture issued the 2012 annual report of China’s online music market shows that in 2012 China’s online music industry market size reached $4 billion 540 million. Among them, the online music market reached 1 billion 820 million yuan, an increase of 379%, the user size of up to the size of the wireless music market reached $2 billion 720 million, an increase of 13.3%, the penetration rate of mobile users in the range of 66.9%.

is attracting more and more enterprises, and more and more enterprises begin to enter the market opportunity. The Ministry of culture report shows that as of the end of 2012, China’s access to network music related business qualification of enterprises has reached 575, an increase of 27.2%. Online music market increasingly fierce competition.

famous music critic, music NetEase senior director Wang Lei in an interview said that the domestic online music business can be divided into 3 echelon: the first echelon to QQ music, Baidu music, cool dog music as the representative of the old enterprises, they accumulated a large number of users in operation for many years; the second tier is growing rapidly in the past three or four years, koowo music, small shrimp music, meters music and other enterprises, most of them are player, community or circle type application; third tier for new products, the NetEase, Miller cloud music time, Himalaya, covers music, VOD Taiwan as the representative, "born" in time within half a year.

Copyright: a heavy yoke

network music cake is large, but it is not so easy to eat.

, the current domestic network music business related business qualification has hundreds of companies, but only ten or twenty people familiar with." Wang Lei bluntly.

is the first to bear the brunt of the profit model. In Wang Lei view, the current online music business is an urgent need to solve the problem of profit model innovation. I personally don’t think it’s possible to say that the online music market has been