China’s ten most practical WEB2 0 website

first room boss

list of reasons: do not look for people who do not know the room, looking for a small house in the city is difficult, the reason is simple: here the house up!

second word of mouth network

List the reasons:

not gourmet may know, before looking for a suitable for their own taste of the restaurant is difficult, hunger breeds discontentment, can not find food, it is difficult to list.

third watercress network

list of reasons: not reading people do not know of course, when you find you love books in a website could also find a group of friends is like drawn to like how happy things, to the public and the private, the station to the top three.

fourth spell nets

list of reasons: non bloggers apparently don’t know, carefully written blog never stepped on how depressed, some people even organize each step on the circle, but now do not need, your blog to fight Bo network, there will be many people to help you "on N".

fifth national bus inquiry network

list of reasons: not out of town people do not know, to a strange city, a train with the 8684 how upset, what are not, just know how to ride, remember it, especially when you want to go out.

sixth marry me

list of reasons: not married people should not know, is home to marry but still want to hold to "choose wood and habitat" older youth, should go to the station a registration, the reason is very simple, the people here are really want to get married.

seventh Cool 6 nets

List the reasons:

home theater people do not know, is like a big stimulus commercial wolf fans, but can not afford to buy DVD, even television are not, then only go here to see the "only for low quality films for research purposes."

eighth cocoa music network

list of reasons: do not listen to music, people will know, want to listen to a song but each song is off and on is more uncomfortable, "the song is very fast," enough to allow people to listen to the music to join the collection.

ninth thunder

list of reasons: do not download people have reason not to know, this world if there is no thunder this behavior is despicable guy, we next piece to * how much time to spend well recommended reason, are faster,.

tenth Baidu know

list of reasons: the Internet has the right not to know, did not know how to do Baidu, have a problem, he must first don’t care what others say, visited billions of dollars enough that the Baidu know, don’t know.