Please give me a way out of the attacker we are not easy

is very hard to do this.

until yesterday, I found that I was attacked by the station, the other side is really very vicious, the original is the use of tens of thousands of users I stand against me. The principle is that, the attackers keep the virus in my stand in a corner of the server, and then direct me in domain name, user access to the server to my station, during the user perception automatically download a virus program for my direct domain name, when users visit my station, the virus program will allow users to automatically and unconsciously I’m mad brush station page, leading to Service Unavailable, the user is also very difficult to open my station.

yesterday I moved to a new space, I thought it was over. But the nightmare is still, which download the program virus there are tens of thousands of old users of the computer, the program for my direct domain name, if the old user on my website, which program virus exists in the old user computer has mad brush my website. No matter where I moved to the station, can not solve the problem, unless I stand in the tens of thousands of old users of the computer for my domain name of the virus can be deleted. This is the way I think now, this is not the way to achieve. Do not know if you have a better way!

problem: for domain name attack, how to solve the webmaster



When I visit

domain name, the web page is mad brush blank time, I see a blank page source file, I now put this out, I hope you can help me out, if there are any heroes do search for human flesh search this demon, then put the demon justice words, I will be indebted forever.


to cancel code, I have some change (

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