Jinshan Maxthon cattle Sogou Baidu 5 manufacturers announced that it would not be compatible with 36

news November 5th, Kingsoft, Maxthon, cattle, Baidu, Sogou five companies held a joint press conference today in Beijing, released 360 eight lies, and announced that it would not compatible with 360 series software.

5 vendors in the declaration to expose the 360 long under the banner of "safety protection" and "the user is more than a day" slogan, the implementation is "scare users" and "the interests of more than a day" acts, the holding of public opinion, threatening peer approach seriously hurt the user’s right to know, destroy the healthy development of Internet China the 360 is the largest Internet security lies Chinese.

5 large companies said that if the 360 persist in wilfully and arbitrarily adhere to the deceit and kidnapping users, and five vendors will choose not compatible with 360 series software.

is the following five manufacturers announced eight big lie:

called "protect user" is actually "scare users" and "hijack the user"

lie 1: Kingsoft shield is not safe. Fact: in the name of security threats to users, forcing users to uninstall Kingsoft shield, creating the industry’s most vicious competition precedent. Jinshan network shield’s first anti Trojan, anti phishing and other functions, to protect tens of millions of users browser security, loved by the users, users grew rapidly.

360 in the sense of the threat posed by Jinshan network shield, the first copy of the product creative force, the introduction of the cottage 360 network shield, struggling to catch up for six months but eventually due to the lack of underlying technical strength led to a huge gap. In May 2010, 360 after, launched a brutal attack on the Jinshan network shield, fabricated a number of unwarranted charges, frequent popups of Jinshan network shield wantonly discredit, while enabling cloud interception, cloud assassination, automatic unloading technology, forcing the user to give up Jinshan network shield.

will be removed from the user’s machine after the Jinshan network shield, and 360 in the user to promote the technical structure of the full copy of the shield Jinshan network shield of the 360 network shield, to achieve the purpose of completely expel their competitors.

lie 2: only 360 of the most secure vulnerabilities. The fact is: the product competition depending on the user safety as a trifling matter, to prevent users from installing high-risk patches. Security software vulnerabilities repair is the most attract users, 360 users only in order to ensure their own vulnerability repair function, specifically for Jinshan guards and QQ computer manager software is designed to intercept threatening frame, when the user uses the similar software patch, 360 will pop up the box and intimidate the user of this vulnerability patch will lead to the system stable". But the same patch, if installed with 360, there is no hint.

is more outrageous, even windows official recommended high-risk patches, 360 do no wrong, this is equivalent to the user’s hand to the Trojan virus system. But it doesn’t seem so important to 360, it’s important to win the competition.

lies 3:360 is a professional security vendors. Fact: cheat 400 million users, random interpretation of the super plant virus. >