nner Mongolia T laboratory version 2010 on line

year plan is in the spring, in the spring of 2010, the new version of the IT laboratory in Inner Mongolia to meet with you.

fashion legend coco · Chanel’s famous saying: Fashion fleeting, only the style of life". Inner Mongolia IT laboratory has been pursuing their own style, the revision, from the front design, content positioning and operational structure are trying to highlight the uniqueness of the IT laboratory in Inner Mongolia.

is a wonderful Inner Mongolia IT professional website, Inner Mongolia IT laboratory was founded in 2007, 2008 as an independent incubation site focused on operations, 2009 was "Inner Mongolia IT" SNS interactive platform, 2010 officially became a professional service platform for the industry. For the three session of the Inner Mongolia conference will make industry leading power station Inner Mongolia IT laboratory located in Inner Mongolia led the Internet website to standardization, specialization, commercialization direction, multi recognized industry partners and administrative departments.

Inner Mongolia IT laboratory 2010 edition has the most prominent features of the three. One is that in the whole web page color, mainly before the revision to the blue, the 2010 version is in light blue, with a fresh, natural, bright colors, reflected in the development of mature, stable, generous. Secondly, in the content, long before the revision to the professional content, after the revision of content rich and comprehensive service. For example, the new download channel, webmaster navigation, products and services; third, is the site of production services into operation, fully embodies the important turning point of Inner Mongolia IT laboratory services from business incubator to professional transformation engine.

2010, IT laboratories in Inner Mongolia decided to play professional service platform, focused on the introduction of "service products" channel, including IDC services, SaaS software sales and IT outsourcing services, do meet the deeper needs of users of the service platform, to provide quality professional services.

Inner Mongolia IT laboratory has been pursuing the accumulate steadily development of the IT industry in Inner Mongolia, and strive to seize the opportunity, with high-quality management team as the core, to provide more accurate, objective and comprehensive quality of professional service for you.

has gone through the 2009, all the way wind and rain, just started in 2010, full of unknown. Inner Mongolia IT laboratory is willing to work with colleagues in the field of IT Inner Mongolia to meet the challenges, embrace a better future.