The capital of college founded sideways website


page, drag the mouse scroll around the bottom of the page to promote reading, so that sideways to see website you have seen? July 16th, composed of the capital 30 80 entrepreneurship group launched a website sideways to see — cross network (

open horizontal look at the home page, above the online anchor is to answer the questions of the netizens, the right side of the page horizontal arrangement of the cross network, cross look at the opportunity, look at the network business, horizontal look at the dynamic content. "The side from left to right is the college students entrepreneurial story. Click on the page, all the pages are sideways to see. "Cross network" to subvert the Internet longitudinal pull reading mode, horizontal page, all pages refused to pull down, only horizontally scroll to read.

horizontal look network founder Duan Fei poor family, relying on their own work to complete their studies. After graduation, he worked in many industries, the beginning of 2003, he did business on behalf of an Internet company, mastered a lot of knowledge, also produced a lot of new ideas, the design of the website is one of them sideways to see. Duan Fei said that the network will be born every day and disappear a lot of sites, for their poor family entrepreneurs who can only rely on a better idea to stand firm on the network.

"cross network not only challenges the traditional vertically network reading habits, or 30 students of the business platform. In addition to the founder of paragraph fly, others are poor students in school, we all want to get some entrepreneurial experience through their own efforts in the university. Some of them learn computer, information engineering and other related professional network, and some of the professional and web site does not matter, but through learning and training, are looking at the Internet to find a place to play.

in addition, the segment flies still "cross net" on one of his creative practice — "the change in the price of advertising", namely after an advertiser for 2 times the price to replace the former one customer advertising, advertising once replaced immediately before the refund of a customer’s advertising fee. In just 10 days, the price of advertising has been replaced by the original $2048 to $1 a day, there are dozens of customers to negotiate business with the site, the site hits a maximum of 15000 times a day.

Duan Fei said, horizontal look at the net is a site to win by originality, once the funds are sufficient, they will practice their own more innovative ideas on the website, to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.