Daily topics from a white shirt to start where the customer really go

A  (www.admin5.com); the 5 station network January 26th news, a reflection of "old company the ride will vanish", make every guest once again become the focus of attention, review the development process of every guest to ask where the customer really go

?A review of the

seven years old to reflect on their own is the biggest mistake, please so many so-called professionals". "They come from the traditional clothing industry, I think the layman does not understand the clothing, so I started by the end of 2008 in the first exit." Old memories, "in the past we have good luck, forget the fundamental life brand."

Since founding

, where the customer after the 7 round of financing, spent billions of dollars of gold and silver silence. More than 3 billion yuan, from a 2011 sales market share ranked the forefront of the electricity supplier, now a deserted house arm to survive, it took only four years. In the four years old were not on ten times, and the company situation is getting worse.

before the end of 2011, it is the industry star, listed close. Don’t know where the customer and its shareholders will not regret, if you go back in time, they may then choose to IPO, after all, a $4 billion valuation, even though not a good window period, although the main investors that self B2C first giant private fund managers to write Group North America intent sniper but we also went on,   may day will be a lot better than now.

at the end of 2013, Chen in an interview with reporters bluntly: "I was very vain, too pursuit of scale and growth rate." He said: "in the past we grew too fast, you escape the influence at the time, and my team will have vanity, not to think about the brand, but from can maintain a certain growth rate to think, even if we see the traditional brand encountered such a big problem, but still did not use a better way."

at the end of August 2014, Beijing 798 on the shirt of the conference shocked a lot of people, because the style is too much like millet. This is where to start, with a variety of parameters to prove this shirt for. The old style of speech in the outside world, there are too many traces of the founder Lei Jun millet.

this time where the customer and age changes, Lei Jun on the old "feat", the intersection of friends Lei Jun ten years of saying to myself: "why do I feel like not a brand shop like a grocery market, not enough is enough attention? We encounter problems cause. You can only do a first focus on the most basic products? We can not, first make a shirt? "Said the old problem stung him.

Chen said I hope in the future, the season when you want to buy a shirt or a lightweight jacket, we can think of, this is enough. It is such a step toward success.