Domain name registration with the registration information management for user double certification

December 10th news, China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) announced this morning, will carry out the domain name registration information rectification work from today, where the registration information is not true domain name was canceled. The domain name registrar "China said it will fully cooperate with the CNNIC management, and requires the user through real name authentication and mobile phone.

CNNIC notice requirements, the domain name registrar first need to clear the domain name user to provide or fill in the true, accurate, complete domain name information, and if you do not meet the above conditions, the domain name will be canceled. At the same time, CNNIC requires domain name registrar of the domain name information has been registered one by one in five working days to notify the user to modify the domain name has not been corrected for cancellation.

"Chinese said, in order to avoid the domain existence was canceled," all the old and new users through the mobile phone real name authentication. "China said, this dual certification will be all free.