Stationmaster net broadcast Lenovo holdings 900 million yuan into the pocket shopping to subvert Tao

1 WeChat open login authorization function: third party developers can operate on behalf of the public number

yesterday, the Tencent WeChat Worldwide Partner Conference forum, WeChat announced that the team will further increase to third party developers support, is now open for the "login authorization" function, allowing developers to help the public number operations.

WeChat open platform

assistant general manager Zeng Ming said: "WeChat to connect user interface and open out, allow third party developers to help businesses to provide more vertical segments, but also better solutions to meet the needs of businesses."

public sign allows the public to allow the public to own their own authority and ability to empower developers, allowing developers to help the public number operations. Public license will be provided to the public platform features industry optimization and public number of industry solutions. In order to ensure security, authorization by the security token mechanism, the password will not be available to developers.

2 problem P2P net loan platform innovation: in October the problem platform up to 35  

since the second half of this year, many VCs have reached the P2P net loan industry, at the same time, the platform also increasing problem.

November 1st, the latest data released by the net loan home, in October net loan industry turnover of 26 billion 836 million yuan, an increase of 2.30% in the month of September, volume growth slowed. At the same time, to enter in October, the problem platform increased significantly, the problem platform reached 35 month, more than last year, the collapse of the peak of the highest single month record of 32.

insiders told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the October slowdown, there is a clear differentiation, the first platform volume does not shrink, the common platform will shrink serious, widespread decline of 50%.

3 Lenovo came into P2P, invested 900 million yuan shares pterosaur loan  

P2P before the regulatory policy is becoming increasingly clear, Lenovo holdings in the financial aspects of the Internet action began to increase, after some time ago, Lenovo star 10 million shares P2P platform silver bean net, Lenovo has recently completed a pterosaur loan investment.

until now, Lenovo holdings and the two sides did not notice the pterosaur loan transaction details, but according to informed sources, the deal is likely to be officially announced today. And the Internet has started to spread to celebrate the successful financing picture pterosaur loan.

data show that the pterosaurs loan was established in 2007, with "city borrowing O2O" model, has set up operations center in the country’s more than and 200 City, and in store experience around the township, community lending, financial control, set up management system of all-round and multi-level wind.

4: Ali to miss three spell domain name was bought