Chaos arena behind bitcoin game player lose aunt running approach

in January 6th following the appointment of bitcoin trading platform is mainly responsible for the central bank, yesterday, bitcoin trading platform launched on-site inspection.

Bank of Beijing business management department announced on January 11th in the "fire currency network" and "money" etc. bitcoin, Wright currency trading platform, trading platform to implement the foreign exchange management, anti money laundering and other relevant financial laws and regulations, trading places management related provisions such as the present field inspection. Shanghai headquarters announced the central bank also carried out on-site inspection of bitcoin china.

news, bitcoin crashed diving, as of 22, the opening day of 6290, the lowest price reached 5155 yuan. Prior to January 5th, bitcoin broke a record high close to 9000 yuan after flash collapse.

Beijing News reporter saw in the QQ group, the new central bank act, the group game player a lament, think that the central bank’s involvement is likely to lead to bitcoin in the next period of time to the unknown. A netizen said: "stop, crash is not skyrocketing."

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regulatory storm, which has 1990 users of the QQ group are divided into two groups: low margin and sell as soon as possible.

Beijing News reporter found in the survey, more and more investors admission, the domestic bitcoin market to a new climax. Domestic bitcoin game player, from the early to the geek technology house, a batch of pure speculation traders.


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this week, for the old L, it can be said to have experienced a sharp increase in heart beat down the stimulus.

"7396, 7359, 8895!" on January 5th, bitcoin prices in real time at the computer screen to beat the old L excited cheering up. He was shaking hands in the QQ group to play the "rich!" message, a number of game player bitcoin users have issued a grinning smile.

in the QQ group in a cheer, old L keep awake. In his view, such a large increase is bound to cause the attention of the relevant departments. But did not expect is that the central bank action will be so rapid.

bitcoin in January 5th after a breakthrough in the history of flash collapse. The highest intraday price close to 9000 yuan, after the rapid dive. I thought I could make a fortune, I did not expect the central bank to intervene so quickly." Young love he calls himself the old L, "Leader (Guide)".

in January 6th, the central bank has announced the appointment of bitcoin platform responsible person. Yesterday, the central bank is to conduct on-site inspections of bitcoin platform, bitcoin prices come down, as of 18, the lowest 5757 yuan.

in fact, the spike in bitcoin prices is not the first time. Old L is a person who has gone through the ups and downs.