The long tail is the essence of Witkey mode

Witkey (WitKey) mode is not mature compared to other blogs and other Web2.0 applications, the most obvious advantage is to have a relatively clear business model, the website can get into income from each transaction. At present, there are many Witkey websites have raised huge amounts of money, however, does not mean that Witkey is a mature industry. With a lot of Internet applications, such as genuine online music downloads, electronic magazines and other services, no one is a small number of poor people, and hard to wait until the spring. Now the domestic Witkey website is more like to set money from VC there tailored mode.

in China, several drawbacks of Witkey Witkey websites need to work together for the cross.

is the first small business scope, not what Witkey are suitable to do business, see now is only suitable for the creative concept of commodities, such as LOGO etc.. Restrictions determine Witkey is a niche market.

another decision of Witkey is a niche market, is not Witkey loyalty, each task is short-lived business. If buyers and sellers know that they don’t have to Witkey website and self trading, and generally have often demand customers are high-end customers. Only the price Sike low-end users will stay in Witkey website. We know that the normal business model is the 80/20 rule. That is, 20% of users bring value of 80%. Witkey mode can bring 80% in 20% of the value of high-end users is losing. This leads to Witkey can only be a low level operation, maintenance and development in a small scale basis.

Witkey also lack viral spontaneous publicity in the promotion, viral spread at least than other network applications to weak spontaneous. Because each of his tasks is only one winner, the lack of spontaneous participation of other participants. This limits the Witkey network traffic, and Witkey users lack of stickiness, so Witkey website is difficult to expand.

This new

Witkey, another feature is to cross a gap, can not break into the mass products die. Witkey and new technology products, are applicable to this model.



(from the wall of the figure)

Rogers 1970s "innovative communication" theory, the human accept message has the degree of innovation is divided into five big classes, and the detailed description of the personality characteristics of these classification: 1, innovators: adventurous; 2, early adopters: respected; 3, as early as follow: deep thought out; 4. Late follow-up: 5, backward suspicious; conservative tradition.

in general, innovators and early adopters are most willing early adopters, but it should be noted that the graph is marked as part of the Gap, this is the technology gap, but the gap between across the blocking and the general public in the early stage, technology companies can get rid of niche markets and into the main.