Push rear seat belt system drops travel to great determination and courage

travel for the shared economy, it seems that many people just for the people to solve the taxi difficult, taxi expensive and other issues. But the day before the trip from drops a letter on the letter fasten seat belt "tells us: shared economic and travel more social value.

drops travel in 21 issued a letter of recommendation: the correct use of seat belts, in the event of an accident can improve the survival rate of 60%. But the use of seat belts in China is not high, especially the rear seat belt". Data show that the current seat belt utilization rate is only 36%, and only less than 3% passengers will use the rear seat belt". Even a lot of people don’t know where the rear seat belt is. In the next period of time, drops will increase through the safety tips, promotion and other means, to help the majority of passengers and drivers with knowledge of safety aspects, realize not endanger the safety belt, and gradually develop into it and fasten the safety belt, a good sense of the rear seat belt and habits.

is not a rear seat belt how much harm?

in China, people do not wear a seat belt has almost become a habit, especially the rear seat belt, according to the National Bureau of statistics data show that less than 3% of the domestic use of rear seat belts. In China, every year nearly 60 thousand people died in the traffic accident, the injured is too many to count, the number is more than the number of victims of the earthquake in Wenchuan, 20 times the number of victims is 911. According to the calculation, every day more than 164 people have died in a traffic accident, that is to say there are 6 people to leave their beloved family and friends every hour, there is a considerable part of the reason is the driver passengers not wearing a seatbelt "". So, what is the danger of not wearing seat belts?

first, the safety factor of the seat belt is much higher than that of the seat belt, the accident rate is not wearing a seat belt is about 37.7 times the safety belt. Relevant data show that: in traffic accidents, the risk factor is higher than 20 times higher than the driver. The correct use of rear seat belt is the most effective way to protect the car, in the event of a traffic accident, can improve the survival rate of 60%. Frontal crash, the seat belt can reduce mortality by 57%; the side crash can reduce the mortality rate of 44%; turnover can reduce the mortality rate of 80%.

second, not the rear seat belt users will also cause great harm to the safety of the front seat passengers and drivers. According to the latest research shows that the Japanese car accident, the rear passengers not wearing a seatbelt slammed into the front seat, the driver or passengers in the front row to form a great impact, the probability that they died in a car crash increased about 5 times.

3, in many people’s view, in the case of low speed, not wearing seat belts and not much relationship. In fact, even if you do not use a seat belt at low speeds can lead to serious injury, when the vehicle speed of 40 kilometers per hour, when the collision occurs, the body before the power of the punch is equivalent to the level from the > 4