The selection of threshold and interest into marketing pushing hands hooking the soil trench


in November 2015, was friends known as the "22 year old female anchor LAN total" in Betta TV opened live 2 hours to attract millions of onlookers. Once to stall for blue students, "countrified wash cut blow exclusive" in the studio with the tune singing voice, quickly jump red.

if the aesthetic beauty of the live meet human lust, then "ugly" blue anchor, at the right time to seize the audience’s curiosity, instantly attracted millions of eyes, also let a group of people at the bottom of society seem to see the overnight turnaround.

live in the blue total

said that a group of popular broadcast network reds, for the young generation of empty boring psychology; others say that is because live to meet the young people’s curiosity; others say that the network broadcast of the fiery red anchor net rise, and there is a close relationship between the Dongguan anti vice……


between the big and small screen live with hundreds of millions of Internet users face, you live behind the Red Net fame, but cannot do without the scenes marketing agency. From the early Lotus, Xifeng, Xidan girl, now live in a celebrity, every famous red net behind, has brokerage companies to promote "routine".

so these routines is how to push a anchor anchor what conditions do you need to become famous anchor really annual salary of millions of their career bottlenecks and what is the future?

anchor: the threshold of male female will live well, up

April 2015, thirty years of age Ceng Yulin, with the "open a noodle shop in Xi’an’s capital", set up a brokerage firm, to explore all kinds of young men and women to become a network anchor, through marketing, packaging, promotion platform and other ways to anchor a web culture.

between the big and small screen live with hundreds of millions of Internet users face anchor brokerage company is a similar Gaming Club and Red Net Promoter, will be responsible for signing anchor in a major broadcast platform to push the red. Anchor brokerage companies are small, full of technology, access, management, content management, anchor operations for the important role of people, more than a dozen people to be able to form a brokerage company. Less than a year, Ceng Yulin’s anchor has reached more than 40 people, "the highest income anchor has reached a monthly salary of 6 digits, part-time anchor, monthly good situation also has 4 to 50 thousand yuan of income."


live the feast of the participants, including the big star, known to every family after the name of the three line model, work began to live for the exam to worry about white-collar, female students from the evening party, the external transfer…… They have the skill, color value varies.

so, what kind of person can be a network anchor? Where does a brokerage company find talent?